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Team Members

The Allen County Public Defender's Office is comprised of a Chief Public Defender, a three member board, an executive director, investigators, case workers, and qualified attorneys to represent our indigent clients.


The Allen County Public Defender's Office provides comprehensive legal representation services in criminal, juvenile, and custody proceedings to indigent persons in Allen County Indiana, misdemeanor criminal matters and does not handle civil matters associated with these criminal matters, such as Department of Licensing Administrative Hearings and traffic infractions.

The Chief Public Defender is responsible for the overall management of the Allen County agency, including daily administration, personnel, training, caseload management, and quality control of all areas necessary to secure high quality representation for clients appointed to the agency. The Chief Public Defender is hired by and report directly and solely to the Public Defender's Board of Allen County.

Public Defender Staff

William Lebrato - Chief Public Defender
Eric Ortiz - Executive Director
Sherry Hanley - Executive Assistant
Laura Garza - Administrative Assistant - Receptionist
Suzy Moeller - Investigator
Amanda Prindle - Investigator
Eric Kelker - Investigator
Asia Nelson - Investigator
Desiree Holy - Investigator
Matthew Anjorin - Investigator
Julie Washburn - Investigator
Angela Grande - Case Manager / Sentencing Consultant
Lauren Habben - Administrative Assistant - Misdemeanor
Cora Graber - Administrative Assistant - Child In Need of Services